4 Cardio Ideas

4 Cardio Ideas

  1.  Deadmill Sprints:
    1) Turn off the treadmill.
    2) Sprint on treadmill for 20 seconds. (Yes, while treadmill is off)
    3) Rest for 40 seconds.
    4) Repeat 5x or more.

  2. StairMaster with weights:
    1) Grab a weight. (I used 25 lbs)
    2) Get on the StairMaster
    3) Turn StairMaster on, with level set to what you’re comfy with.
    4) Proceed to walk up the stairs, while holding the chosen weight.
    5) Climb for 3 minutes. If it’s easy, increase weight.
    6) Rest for 1 minute
    7) Repeat 5x+

  3. Jump Rope:
    1) Make sure you have a jump rope
    2) Jump for 30 seconds, as fast as you possibly can.
    3) Rest for 35 seconds.
    4) Repeat 8x+

  4. StairMaster With A Surprise
    (Great for leg day)
    1) Climb on StairMaster on a challenging level
    2) After 5 minutes, climb off.
    3) Do squat jumps for 30 seconds.
    4) Repeat 4x+

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