5 Tips & Tricks to Increase Daily Water Intake

5 Tips & Tricks to Increase Daily Water Intake


I am terrible when it comes to remembering to drink enough water on a daily basis. So are a lot of other people in the world.
Here are 5 tips & tricks to help you increase your daily water intake!



  1. Jazz up your water!
    (I like to use fruit, like lemon, lime, strawberries. Fruit adds a subtle hint of freshness. If you want something with a lot more flavor, add flavoring packets.)

  2. Buy bottled water and always have one with you!
    (This will hold you more accountable and will be easier to take a sip here and there.)

  3. Drink a cup of water before & after each meal or snack!
    (This is easy to remember. Don’t lift your food to your mouth until you’ve drunk a cup. This is also a great way to keep from overeating!)

  4. Download a water intake reminder app on your phone/or set a reminder!
    (I’ve tried using this before but don’t really like it. It may help hold others accountable though!)

  5. Reward yourself if you hit your daily water goal intake!
    (Make this fun and not a daily task.)

    Soon enough you’ll be hitting your daily water intake with ease!
    You will be noticing great changes such as, clearer, brighter skin, more energy, healthier hair, increase in positive mood, and so much more!

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