3 Science-based Steps to Curbing Your Appetite

3 Science-based Steps to Curbing Your Appetite


We all know how hard dieting is both physically and mentally. Just the smell of a cookie can send us spiraling off the edge and ending the diet.
Here are 3 Evidence/Science based ways you can curb your appetite.

1 & 2

Fiber and the volume of food

“The body naturally produces a variety of peptides and hormones that suppress hunger. One class of receptors, called mechanoreceptors, are located in the stomach and intestines and are not actually activated by any specific molecule, but by the stretching of tissue. ” – Kamal Patel
This just means that the expanding of the stomach will cause appetite suppression.

So what should you do with this information?
Eat low calorie but high volume food!This is a good way to limit your daily calorie intake, stay in a deficit, and still be in control of your appetite. (This is why I love veggies so much. They are a lifesaver. There are a ton of other foods that are low calorie and high volume you can experiment with)
This will quickly fill you up (expand your stomach) and therefore suppress your appetite.
Also, foods high in soluble fiber will gel up in your stomach and expand. This is why high fiber foods will also help in suppressing your appetite.



Stress Relief 

I am guilty of occasionally stress eating. I get stressed and start shoveling food down my throat without any notice.
The thing is, emotional eating can’t really be controlled by fiber intake, or by eating high volume foods because the conflict is in our mind. The way to solve this is by figuring out why you’re stressed and taking a step into solving that issue.
Creating a healthy/balanced lifestyle will also help in relieving stress and therefore help with your emotional eating.


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