A Short Guide To Finding Your Training Sweet Spot

A Short Guide to Finding Your Training Sweet Spot

We all know that exercise is very beneficial in numerous ways. Exercise helps create physical well-being, mental strength and offers a lot of other benefits.
But just because exercise is beneficial does not mean you have to crawl out of the gym after a 3 hour long session, each and every single day in order to get the benefits of exercise.

See, I had that very mentality. I thought I had to spend hours in the gym, and hours in the kitchen vigorously meal prepping in order to reach my goals. I learned really quick that, that very mentality was setting me back further than I started. I was beyond tired out.

So, I started practicing MED; a concept coined by Nautilus fitness creator Arthur Jones, and popularized by lifestyle hacker Tim Ferriss in his book; The Four Hour Body.
MED stands for Minimum Effective Dose (MED) and is defined as; “the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome and anything BEYOND the MED is wasteful.”

In a better explanation, this implies doing a type of training that is the most beneficial, done in the least amount of time. (Just enough of it to get the desired outcome, without a bunch of added, unneeded stress.)
Because lets be honest, nobody has time for 4 hour long gym sessions…or the energy.

So, how do you go about with implementing MED? 

Here is what I did:
I went from training 90 min a day; 5-6 days a week to 60 min a day; 3-4 days a week.
This put less stress on my body, gave me more time to recoup, and just really increased the well-being of my life.

So, implementing MED would look something like this for the majority of people.

  • Moderate to heavy strength training 3-4 times per week
  • 1 short-duration, high-intensity interval training sessions (HIIT) per week
  • 1-2 moderate-intensity cardio sessions for 30 min or less per week

I promise you that you can achieve results without having to rush to the gym 7 days a week. Just try it out for yourself and see.

The rest of your results will depend on your nutrition, movement, stress levels, sleep schedule, and just how you go about your life in general. If you implement MED and stop wasting your time and energy, you’ll be on your way to achieving maximum results in a minimal time frame. (Oh, and you’ll still have time to do things in your life.)



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