The Painful Truth Of Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Why Am I Not Losing Weight??


Let’s be real…this question comes up in everyone’s mind at some point when they are attempting or attempted to lose weight.
Here are a few blunt, honest truths of why you may not be losing weight.


1) You are eating too much

2) You are eating at or above your maintenance calories

3) You are consuming too many calories

4) You are not moving enough and eating too much

5) You might be losing fat, but the scale isn’t showing it (that’s why you should go by measurements instead)

6) You are doing wayyyy too much. (Sometimes if too much stress is placed on our body, progress can stall)

7) You have weekends as freebie days, thinking the over-consumption of food won’t affect you because you ate healthy for the rest of the week. News flash: It does.

8) You were too strict with your diet, lost too much too fast and then gained it all back by binging. (This is the very reason why a balance is so important. #FlexibleDietingForTheWin)

9) You have the “Oh, I’ll start tomorrow” mentality

Uh yea, that’s a quick post. #TruthCanHurt

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