Sugar Is The Root Of All Evil

Sugar Is The Root Of All Evil

Sugar is the cause of all health issues, especially obesity, eh?

-Sugar is making everyone fat.
-Sugar is the cause of all our health problems.
-Sugar is the root of all evil.

I’ve heard this topic making its way around everywhere, especially in the fitness industry.
It is very easy to place the blame of the world’s health issues on one specific thing. Realistically though, obesity and other diseases are caused by a giant range of factors. To think otherwise would be ignorant.
Do you want to know an interesting fact?
Since year 2000, the correlation between sugar/overall carbs has been declining while obesity is continuing to increase.

Carbs vs. obesity (sugar)
Sugar is not the issue.
The issue is over-consumption.
You aren’t getting fat from sugar.
You are getting fat because you are consuming way too much food!

Focus on maintaining a healthy relationship with food and on creating a sustainable balance.
Guilt should never be associated with food, and by pointing fingers you create an unhealthy relationship with food that in return causes guilt association.
Think of every type of food as fuel for the body. Employ moderation.
Just as long as you maintain a good balance; usually 80% more nutrient dense food and 20% less nutrient dense foods you are golden.
If people could look at the bigger picture this misconception wouldn’t exist.

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