Appetite Control Chews Review

Appetite Control Chews Review


You’re probably thinking…
She bought what????
Doesn’t she claim all that supplement junk is just..well…junk??
You’re not wrong. I still think that.
So yes, I bought Healthy Delights Appetite Control Chews (Acai berry flavor).
I bought this so I can try it, and if it doesn’t work you don’t have to spend your money testing it out. I’m testing it out for you!


So far, I’ve eaten two chews about two hours ago.

Taste: It sucks. Tastes more like cardboard vegetable than acai berry.
3 out of 10 review on taste.

Texture: I guess it has the texture of starburst…after you break your teeth from initially putting it in your mouth. Oh, and after you chew for about 10000 minutes.(assuming you still have your teeth)
4 out of 10 review on texture.

Function: Honestly, two hours later it seems my appetite has been somewhat suppressed. I can assume it works, but not sure if it’s all the ingredients suppressing my appetite, or how unpleasant it was that’s suppressing my appetite.
Either way, it works…kinda.
I’ll update you guys more on the function in a week.
7ish out of 10 review on function.

What do you want me to test out next???


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Thanks for the support!
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