5+ Ways To Help Clear Up Acne

5+ Ways To Help Clear Up Acne

Breaking out happens to the best of us. It sucks. I know because I’ve struggled with it my whole teenage years and still occasionally do. Here are 5 and more ways that can help clear your acne up if you randomly breakout.

  1.  Drink More Water
    This is an obvious one. I’m sure you’ve heard it more than once. It’s true though. Water will help your skin! Start drinking at least 8 cups a day.

  2. Stop Picking At It
    This is an important one that I have to remind myself to not do constantly.
    First of all, your hands are not as clean as you think. Having those germs, dirt, and who knows what else will not help your acne. Keep your hands off of your face. Second of all, don’t pick at the acne because it won’t help and can potentially cause scaring.

  3. Consume less sugary food
    Just last week I went on a family vacation and ate like there was no tomorrow. The majority of that food was packed with sugar.
    Now I am paying the price for it because my face broke out more than it has in a while. You’d be surprised at the result you get just by consuming less sugar packed foods. I’m not saying to remove sugar completely from your diet, but to make it an 80%-10% thing. (There’s no way I’m ever going to give up eating Reese Cups)
    80% ‘healthy’ foods and 10% sugar packed or whatever treats you’re craving.
    5 days of doing this after my vacation and my face is already showing improvement.

  4. Wash your pillowcase and sheets often
    This should be obvious. If you haven’t changed your bedding in a while and see that you’ve been breaking out more often than usual that may be the reason. Wash the dead skin cells and sweat off of your pillowcase and sheets so that won’t cause breakouts for you. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy slipping into clean bedding after a long day.

  5. Don’t stress about the breakout
    Really. It will go away eventually with the proper care. Stress might and will make the breakout worse. Keep calm. It’s normal. You’re still perfect and beautiful. Mkay? Mkay.

    Here area few things that may be causing your breakouts. Keep an eye out for them.


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