5 Fat Loss Myths

5 Fat Loss Myths

(Thank you Laura Ault for the blog idea)


Doing the keto/clean/paleo/insert any diet will make me lose weight

This is both a MYTH and somewhat of a FACT.
Eating some type of way is not what causes fat loss.
Being in a caloric deficit is what causes fat loss.

All the diets will put you in a caloric deficit (if the goal is weight-loss) whether you realize it or not.
You could eat like garbage and still lose weight.

I’m turning my fat into muscle.

This is a MYTH.
Fat and muscle are two different things.
Fat is fat. Muscle is muscle.
That’s like saying you will turn your kale into a doughnut. A doughnut is a doughnut, and kale is disgusting and needs to be erased from earth. Two different things.
The way muscle and fat correlate, is that the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. But you can’t turn fat into muscle, or muscle into fat.

Cardio is essential for fat-loss.
I’m happy to tell you that you do NOT need to do cardio to lose weight.
You actually don’t have to do any form of exercise to lose weight.
A calorie deficit is what causes fat-loss.
Cardio should be looked at as a tool.
You can use it if you want to indulge in a treat later.
You can use it if you just enjoy it.
You can use it if you want to expend a little more energy that day than you normally do.
But you are NOT required to do it if you don’t enjoy it, or just don’t want to do it.

Sugar is the root of all evil and is the cause of obesity.

Over-consumption of calories is what causes weight gain and obesity.
Eating too much is the cause of obesity.
Let’s say this a third time…
Eating in a caloric surplus causes weight gain regardless of whether you eat vegetables, or doughnuts.
Sugar is not the root of all evil.
(I might be a little biased because doughnuts and chocolate are the root of all happiness for me.)
Sugar in moderation will not make me or you obese.

You can out train a bad diet.

Well, technically this can be considered both a MYTH and a FACT…
Some people think that they can consume hundreds of calories over their maintenance, go to the gym, exercise for 30 minutes and they’re good.
1) No you did not burn all the extra 100’s of calories you consumed.
You would have to be stuck in a gym for a long, long, long time if you plan on out-training your bad diet….. to the point where it’s not sustainable to do.
Just be mindful of how much food you consume.
Solves the problem.
Won’t have to worry about out-training a bad diet.



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