What Are Macros & How To Calculate Them? (The simple edition)

What Are Macros & How To Calculate Them?
(The simple edition)

Because nobody wants over-complicated answers mixed with words they can’t understand. 😉

I notice these questions pop up frequently.
What are macros? How do I calculate them? Does this mean I can eat anything I want? 
Well, here are very simple, straight to the point answer/answers!

What are Macros?
Macros is short for macro-nutrients.
There are three macro-nutrients.
Four if you want to count your fiber intake.
The macro-nutrients make up the calories of the food you eat.


How much calories do the macro-nutrients consist of?
1 gram of Protein = 4 Calories
1 gram of Carbs = 4 Calories
1 gram of Fat = 9 Calories

What is the difference between calorie counting and macro counting?
Omg I was always curious about this. This was my question when I first started looking into macro counting (IIFYM & Flexible Dieting).
Calorie counting is just that…calorie counting.
You don’t focus on the nutrients you’re taking in. You just focus on one single number.
It’s not terrible to start off with. In fact, I did it plenty of times.
Macro counting takes it a step (or few steps) forward.

When you count macros you end the day with getting the macro-nutrients your body requires. The numbers can be altered based on your goals.

How do I start counting macros/ How do I calculate my macros?
This is the most straightforward answer I can give.

1) After reading this blog click on the link on #2
Fill out the questionnaire. This calculator will give you your numbers.

There are plenty of macro-nutrient calculators on the internet that you can search up.
If you don’t see results (based on your goal) after counting for at least 3 weeks, experiment with your numbers by adding or lowering.

Okay, so does this mean I can eat anything?
Yes. Yes this means you can eat anything…mindfully.
You want to meet your numbers as close as possible. It’s hard to do that if you only focus on trying to fit in donuts, cupcakes, etc… (You’ll know what I mean when you start.)
Try to fit in nutrient dense food more often.
Below you’ll find a neat little cheat sheet.
I use this when I’m super hungry and need something with high volume.



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