Consuming Guilt After Consuming Food

Consuming Guilt After Consuming Food


I was not mentally prepared to eat half a pound of fudge.

So the back story is; this past weekend my family and I took a spontaneous trip to the beach.
See…I went in full of confidence, prepared to enjoy myself, but in the end came out full of guilt and lacking in confidence.
I thought I was mentally prepared but suddenly felt what a lot of other girls feel like when they take a break from dieting.

In the beginning I excitedly told my husband that I would enjoy myself in moderation, and take a break from counting macros.
I personally thought, and still think that everyone needs that, especially if they are on vacation.
What I wasn’t prepared for was the overwhelming guilt that came along with doing that.
I think most of you reading felt that before, or currently feel like that.
Seeing my tummy bulge out slightly after enjoying myself made me think irrationally.
“Omg I gained back the ten pounds I recently lost.”
“I feel so fat.”
“Look at my bulging tummy. What will people think?”
“I need to do a ton of cardio when I get back home.”
“I should’ve not enjoyed myself.”
“I need cut down my carbs for the rest of the week, lower than what they already are.”
These were some of the thoughts running through my mind.

Listen! (And I am speaking to myself as well) 
Enjoying yourself for a weekend every once in a while is okay!
You did not gain back every single pound you lost. (Unless I consumed over 35,000 calories in three days, I did not gain back 10 pounds.)
Don’t let this bring you down.
This is a lifestyle, you deserve small breaks every once in a while.
The journey isn’t about becoming a different person, but loving who you are right now.
Don’t put your mind against your body. Be its friend.
Nourish your mind with positivity because it will help you grow.
Let go of the guilt, the comparison, the worry. You’re doing the best you know how, and you’re doing pretty great in a lot of ways.
And trust me, I know that is easier said than done. So below you will find some ways to regain confidence, improve self love, and let go of any guilt associated with enjoying yourself.

You are and always will be beautiful regardless if you ate half a pound of fudge like I did, or a bowl of fruit. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Sit back for a moment and look at how far you’ve come along and how far you will continue to go.

“You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.” 


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Next blog will be about the tastiest “coffee” drinks that best fit limited macro #’s! 🙂

Thanks for the support!

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