Hi my lovelies,
Here is a free, full body workout template that you can use to start your journey.

Repeat 3x a week. (Rest Periods can be customized.)


In the beginning, like most, I followed “bro-split” training because I noticed everyone else was doing it. After hearing the advantages of doing doing full body vs. split, I quickly switched over and it was the best decision ever. I wish someone shared it with me earlier in my journey.  This is why I would love to share this knowledge with you. I won’t go in detail excessively in this blog entry so this will be fairly vague.

“Bro-Split” Training– “A split routine is a resistance training format in which specific muscle groups are trained on specific days of the week or at predetermined intervals. For example, Monday: Chest/Back, Wednesday: Legs/Abs, Friday: Biceps/Triceps/Shoulders. This is opposed to training the entire body with each workout. “

Full Body” Training– “In a full-body routine, you train every major muscle in your body, like your chest, back, arms, hamstrings, and abs, in each workout. They incorporate exercises that engage many of those muscle groups in one movement, like squats, dead-lifts, and overhead presses, all of which are also called compound movements.”

So why is full body training better?
Training a muscle group once a week is not enough to get the most out of the time you’re putting into going to the gym.
When you split your workouts you work out one muscle group a day, then wait a whole week to work that muscle again.
In a full body workout you can expect to hit each major muscle group 3-4 times weekly.
You workout all the major muscle groups 3 times a week and the other 2 days of the week you can use to do cardio (or whatever else you want). Which is why full body workouts are a more effective way of training. You get the most out of your time!

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Thanks for the support!

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