I Lost 10 Pounds And I’m Unhappy!?

I Lost 10 Pounds And I’m Unhappy!?


Recently I lost about 10 pounds.
This morning I got up to get ready for work and looked at my body in the mirror.
“Hmm, my butt is disappearing. It’s turning into a pancake. My thighs seem small. They are starting to resemble hot dog wieners. Oh, and my face looks too long. Also, my stomach isn’t flat enough yet.”


*What my legs resemble in my mind*

Later this afternoon I started thinking about that moment, and you know what I realized?
A lot of people are stuck in a similar mindset as I am (I’m trying to change that).
I lost weight. I am still losing weight.
I am reaching the goals I’ve set out for myself, yet I am still nitpicking at myself.
For goodness sake, I lost TEN pounds and instead of rejoicing of how far I’m coming along-I’m complaining??

James Smith (A PT who has great videos) was right when he said that a lot of people are still unhappy no matter what goal they achieve.
Even bodybuilding competitors who get first place nitpick their physique, “Oh, I could’ve done this differently to present an even better package.”
There are people who lose 50 pounds and say, “Oh…I could’ve done better…Not good enough yet…” instead of celebrating the fact that they lost 50 pounds so far.

My conclusion is…

Be happy throughout the whole process no matter what your goals are.
Be happy and confident when you put on a little fluff.
Be happy and confident when you start losing weight and your boobs and butt suddenly vanish. (sorry guys, this doesn’t pertain much to you)
Be happy when you lose one pound. Small progress is still progress.
Be confident and happy no matter at what stage you are.
Love yourself and learn to stop nitpicking, or else you will never be happy no matter what results you get.

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